Since 1992, Bionic France is a private small company specialized to offer technological solutions for functional brain imagery (EEG, fNIRS). Bionic France also design AI customized applications for neuroscience research market and provide scientific support and training in EEG and fNIRS technics.
For more information: www.bionic-france.fr


ANT Neuro is a Dutch corporation specialized in the development, marketing and sales of medical and research applications.
ANT Neuro specializes in being a single-source provider of high performance products within neuroscience research and neurodiagnostics. Applications include EEG, EMG, TMS and MEG technology.
Using ANT Neuro products, functional brain information is fused with anatomical scans to gain insight into the working mechanisms of cognition and a variety of brain disorders. Our technology offers a wide range of applications in cognitive neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry.


BIOPAC offers high-quality scientific tools for cognitive and physiological measurement and interpretation. BIOPAC’s fNIRS and physiological data acquisition hardware and software systems are used in 99% of the world’s top universities and are used by researchers globally for meaningful scientific discovery. Easily sync fNIRS with stimulus presentation systems and integrate with other physiological and neurobehavioral measures that assess human brain activity, including eye tracking, pupil reflex, respiration, and electrodermal activity.


mbt is a mobile EEG company committed to bringing innovation in neuroscience. We are a team of 20, gathered around the vision of becoming the best brain technology company and inspiration to scientists to continuously move the boundaries of neuroscience. We are seated in Belgrade, but we are present all around the world gathering the community of the world’s leading researchers and scientists. 

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Frontiers is a leading research publisher. Our role is to provide the world’s scientists with a rigorous and efficient publishing experience. Scientists empower society and our mission is to accelerate collaboration and discovery by making science open – enabling researchers to find the solutions we all need for healthy lives on a healthy planet. Powered by custom-built technology, artificial intelligence, and a collaborative peer review, our community journals give experts in more than 1,800 academic fields an open access platform to publish high quality, high impact research. Through our outreach work to build strong partnerships with business, policymakers, and educators, we’re leading the transition to open science.

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NIRx Medizintechnik GmbH is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) research. 

Our complete range of research solutions includes a versatile multimodal hardware platform, advanced online and offline analysis software, expert technical and scientific support, and comprehensive training programs. We are dedicated to supporting fNIRS researchers through our offices in Orlando, New York, and Berlin, Germany.

Whether you’re investigating changes in neural activity during development, researching disorders and their treatments, or exploring new applications in neuroscience, NIRx has the expertise and solutions to help you achieve your research goals. For more information, please contact us at +49 308 1453 5990 (EU), (+1) 321-352-7570 (US/Canada), or email us at consulting@nirx.net.

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TEA développe et commercialise des équipements de mesures dans les domaines de l’ergonomie, les neurosciences et l’analyse du comportement.
Utilisateurs : la recherche académique et industrielle

We are Artinis Medical Systems, an innovative Dutch company developing medical research equipment, such as (functional) Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) devices to measure brain activity. We strive for providing easy-to-use fNIRS products, that still provide high and reliable data quality. Our focus lays on truly portable devices that cannot only be used in typical lab surroundings, but also in naturalistic settings and during movement.

Gaze Intelligence is a leading provider of scientific equipments such as EEG, fNIRS, eye-tracking, motion capture (MOCAP), ECG, EMG, and EDA, as well as MRI-compatible technologies. Our products are utilized across a wide range of fields, including neuroscience, BCI, psychology, sports science, motion capture, healthcare, robotics, and industrial applications. Our advanced software solutions enhance data synchronization, recording, and analysis from various physiological and video sources, delivering valuable tools for a broad spectrum of applications.

g.tec medical engineering GmbH was founded in 1999 in Austria. g.tec develops and produces high-performance brain-computer interfaces and neurotechnologies for invasive and non-invasive recordings for research or clinical purposes. The company started developing brain-computer interfaces (BCI) about 20 years ago, after presenting the first portable BCI system in 1999 at the BCI Meeting in Rensselaerville, New York. g.tec’s products are internationally used in clinical environments or for research purposes such as the analysis of the brain, heart or muscle activity, brain assessments of severe brain injuries and disorders of consciousness, motor rehabilitation after stroke, neuromarketing, deep brain stimulation, brain mapping, neuroprosthesis control, communication, painting and closed-loop invasive and non-invasive BCI experiments.

This project has received financial support from the French government within the framework of the France 2030 programme IdEx université de Bordeaux.

For sponsorship opportunities, please e-mail: sponsor@neuroergonomicsconference.org

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